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Staffing & Recruitment

Nurse Hustle Recruitment is your dedicated partner in healthcare staffing, offering tailored solutions to meet your facility's unique needs. We go beyond traditional staffing agencies, embodying a passionate community committed to elevating patient care and supporting healthcare teams. Here's why partnering with us sets your facility apart:

  • Nurse Hustle Recruitment offers a wide range of staffing options to meet your facility's needs, including:

    • Local and Travel Contracts: Extensive network of experienced healthcare professionals eager to travel near and far to mitigate any staffing needs.

    • Per Diem Shifts: Access to skilled professionals for day-to-day staffing needs, ensuring continuity in patient care.

    • Permanent Placement/Direct Hire: Expert assistance in finding the perfect fit for your team through a customized approach to understanding your specific staffing requirements, preferences, and culture.

  • Streamlined processes for background checks, drug tests, and interviews ensure rapid integration of new staff into your team.

  • We offer paid annual trainings as well as evaluations for all healthcare professionals after each contract, ensuring continuous improvement, communication, and accountability within the organization.

  • Our professionals are proficient in a range of EMR systems, including Cerner, Epic, Meditech, Point Click care, Medhost, and Allscripts.

  • Access a wide pool of skilled professionals with various levels of care, ensuring quality and continuity in patient services.

  • Our healthcare professionals embody passion and dedication, delivering personalized care that enhances patient outcomes.

Per Diem Shifts

Nurse Hustle Recruitment offers per diem shifts that allow you to work on a day-to-day basis, providing you with the freedom to manage your schedule and gain valuable experience in a long-term care or rehabilitation setting. Are you seeking a work-life balance that fits your lifestyle? Per diem shifts offer unparalleled flexibility. Join us and take control of your career while making a difference in patient care every day.

At Nurse Hustle Recruitment, our name says it all—we hustle with heart. 

Dedicated to saving lives and nurturing the needs of those we serve, our agency stands as a beacon of hope and support in healthcare staffing. We specialize in connecting seasoned nursing and allied health professionals with meaningful opportunities across the country, whether for long or short-term assignments. Join Nurse Hustle Recruitment—Together, We Transform Lives Through Hustle and Compassion!

Permanent Placement

Looking for a long-term career opportunity in healthcare? Nurse Hustle Recruitment specializes in permanent placement, connecting you with top-tier healthcare organizations for direct hire roles. Our dedicated team guides you through a seamless and efficient hiring process, from gathering requirements to navigating interviews. We offer reimbursements for license renewals, specialized training, and immunizations to alleviate the financial burden of these incurred costs through the hiring process. We're your one-stop

destination for finding the perfect fit and advancing your career in healthcare.

Healthcare Careers That Makes a Difference

We're more than a staffing agency—we're your partner in building a meaningful healthcare career. Find a career where you truly belong.


"Everyone I have encountered is so nice and helpful! It has been a great company to work for and I'm so glad I went with them for my first travel nurse assignment. They have supported me so much through the whole process and have ensured everything goes smoothly."

Registered Nurse

Juliana Antonucci, RN

"I have had a good experience working for Nurse Hustle. It is one of the best companies that l've worked for, well organized."
Registered Nurse
Sindy Leonce, RN
"I am so grateful for every single person at NHR. This opportunity has shown me what a good employer is. I am astonished by the work ethic and teamwork you all have. It is awe- inspiring."
Nurse Hustle Travel Nurse
Marilyn Miller, RN

Local/Travel Contracts

At Nurse Hustle Recruitment, we connect you with thousands of contract positions ready to be filled, putting you in control of your career journey. From day one, we offer comprehensive support throughout your assignment. With our dedicated team by your side, we provide reimbursements for license renewals, specialized training, and immunizations. Let us take care of the details while you focus on what matters most—making a difference in healthcare. Contact us today to build your profile and secure your next travel assignment.

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