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Nurse Hustle


In 2019, fueled by a deep desire to bring change, Latasha founded Nurse Hustle Recruitment. My journey as a registered nurse and later as a travel nurse opened my eyes to the glaring needs within our profession—needs for transparency, respect, and unwavering support. Launching just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges we faced were daunting, but our mission was clear and urgent. Through determination and a shared sense of purpose, NHR has not only endured but has thrived. Over these four years, we’ve successfully placed over 100 healthcare professionals, building a community rooted in trust and mutual support. Each placement is more than a number; it's a step toward the betterment of healthcare and a testament to the strength and resilience of those who care for us all.

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At Nurse Hustle, our mission is more than just providing exceptional healthcare staffing solutions. We strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of both healthcare professionals and the communities they serve. Here are the four things we strive for:


We hold a deep commitment to the well-being of our patients, employees, and clients, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.


 Our team and healthcare professionals are held to the highest standards of service, exemplifying excellence in every aspect of our work.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility, understanding, and supportive nature, always anticipating and addressing the needs of those we work with.


Our high retention rates reflect our status as the preferred staffing agency, highlighting our success in building lasting relationships.


Our unwavering dedication to our clients sets us apart, as we consistently go the extra mile to perfect our staffing solutions.


At The Nurse Hustle Recruitment, we're here for you 24/7. Whether you need assistance or have questions, our dedicated team is always available to help. Reach out anytime—day or night—we’re just a call or message away!

A Visionary Leader Transforming Healthcare Staffing


Hi, I am Latasha Harris, the founder and CEO of Nurse Hustle Recruitment (NHR). With 12 years of experience as a critical care travel nurse, my journey has been marked by resilience and compassion. Despite facing the challenges of single motherhood and the loss of my son to AML, I discovered a strong motivation to bring positive change to the healthcare field. This personal tragedy inspired the creation of NHR, dedicated to fostering a supportive and transparent environment for healthcare professionals. After mourning the loss of my son for several years, I dedicated myself to making a difference in the nursing industry with unwavering determination. Transitioning from working at the bedside to becoming a CEO, nursing has always been my calling, fueled by the memory of my beloved son, Eric. Years later, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a loving LaLa to three grandsons who will carry forward their uncle's legacy. In the photo are Elijah, 7, and Jeremiah, 2.5; not shown is Josiah, also 2.5. My grandsons have brought immense joy and a renewed sense of purpose into my life. They remind me every day of the importance of compassion and dedication in everything we do. At NHR, we strive to create a nurturing and empowering atmosphere for our nurses, knowing that their well-being directly impacts the quality of care they provide to patients.

Our mission at Nurse Hustle Recruitment is to connect healthcare facilities with highly skilled and passionate nurses who are committed to excellence. We believe that by supporting our nurses through fair practices, comprehensive benefits, and continuous professional development, we can contribute to a stronger, more resilient healthcare system. Through NHR, I have had the privilege of witnessing countless success stories—nurses finding their ideal roles, advancing their careers, and making meaningful differences in the lives of patients. Each story reaffirms my belief that our work is not just about filling positions but about building a community of dedicated healthcare professionals who are united by a shared vision of care and compassion.

As we continue to grow and evolve, I remain deeply committed to honoring Eric's legacy by fostering an environment where nurses feel valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. "Together, we can transform the landscape of healthcare, one nurse at a time.

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As you hustle towards your goals, don't forget to prioritize self-care. Both are essential for your overall well-being and success."

At Nurse Hustle Recruitment, our name says it all—we hustle with heart. 

Dedicated to saving lives and nurturing the needs of those we serve, our agency stands as a beacon of hope and support in healthcare staffing. We specialize in connecting seasoned nursing and allied health professionals with meaningful opportunities across the country, whether for long or short-term assignments. Join Nurse Hustle Recruitment—Together, We Transform Lives Through Hustle and Compassion!


What Sets Us Apart

NHR's vision is to be the leading choice for healthcare staffing, connecting dedicated professionals with hospitals and facilities through compassion and reliability. We focus on our core values: excellence, integrity, and understanding of the healthcare sector to ensure perfect placements.

Our mission is to enhance patient care and community well-being through strategic staffing. We prioritize continuous learning and mutual respect, creating lasting partnerships. NHR is more than a staffing agency; we are a trusted healthcare partner, committed to making a meaningful difference one placement at a time.

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