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Healthcare Careers
that Make a Difference

We're more than a staffing agency—we're your partner in building a meaningful healthcare career. Discover a path where you truly belong.

Travel. Nurse Opportunities



Local Contracts

Explore local contract options for healthcare professionals seeking proximity without commitment. Enjoy competitive pay and flexible scheduling to align with your lifestyle and career goals.


Travel Contracts

Embark on a rewarding journey with our travel contracts. Explore new cities while advancing your career. Enjoy benefits like housing stipends and travel allowances.


Per Diem Shifts

Seize control of your schedule with daily shifts. Ideal for healthcare workers needing flexibility, our shifts cater to varying availabilities, ensuring a seamless balance between work and personal life.


Permanent Placement

Discover lasting opportunities in healthcare. Our permanent placement services offer long-term staff positions at renowned hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing the stability and growth you’re looking for.



The Heart Behind Nurse Hustle Recruitment

Hello, I'm Latasha Harris, and my journey with Nurse Hustle Recruitment (NHR) is deeply personal. It began with a simple observation: the healthcare field, especially nursing, is not just a job; it's a calling—a commitment to care for others during their most vulnerable moments. Yet, despite this noble mission, I saw nurses facing immense challenges and uncertainties daily.

This realization fueled my determination to create more than just a staffing agency. NHR is a sanctuary—a place where healthcare professionals find support, transparency, and empowerment. It's a community where you're not just another nurse, but a valued individual with unique talents and experiences.

I believe passionately that every healthcare worker deserves to feel cherished, respected, and fully supported. NHR is more than a career resource; it's a family where you're heard, valued, and celebrated. Join us, and let's flourish together in your career, making a real impact in the lives of others.

Your Next Assignment Awaits

As a healthcare professional, you possess the unique ability to change lives and improve the healthcare system. Let us guide you in finding a job that matches your career path and allows you to make a meaningful impact. Together, we can transform healthcare for the better.



We believe ambition is the gateway to extraordinary achievements. Our unique approach, fueled by innovation and relentless support, builds a community of hustlers, dreamers, and achievers striving for excellence. Our dynamic, adaptable services equip you with the necessary tools and guidance to expand the boundaries of what's possible. By connecting compassionate professionals with meaningful opportunities, we ensure that your skills and aspirations align perfectly, enabling you to profoundly impact others while achieving your professional dreams.


"Keep hustling, keep healing, keep thriving. Your journey is an inspiration to those around you."



"Are you a Travel Nurse in need of an agency/recruiter? Offering the best-paid assignments? Have your back when stuff hits the fan? Will you fight for your best interest instead of theirs? Woman & Nurse owned? Look no further!!! Check out Latasha Harris owner of Nurse Hustle Recruitment!"

Registered Nurse

Nurse Hustle Traveler

My recruiter always responds in a timely manner and assists with any questions I have. Love this company!
Registered Nurse
Anna Carroll, RN
"I am so grateful for every single person at NHR. This opportunity has shown me what a good employer is. I am astonished by the work ethic and teamwork you all have. It is awe- inspiring."
Nurse Hustle Travel Nurse
Marilyn Miller, RN
I cannot express my gratitude enough for how wonderful it has been working for your team. This was my first contract with a different agency and I was so impressed with your communication and commitment to your staff. I sincerely hope to hustle with you guys in the future!! 
Nurse Hustle Travel Nurse
Lauren, RN
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