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Highest professional and ethical standard staffing services

Nurse Hustle Recruitment guarantees a swift, smooth, and stress-free staffing solution every time you need one. Our stringent hiring process ensures to provide your facility with the industry’s most qualified, experienced, and sought-after health care professionals, sourcing the perfect candidate for every available position, every time. We take care of every detail, from sourcing, selecting, and screening staff to training and hiring one.

You can trust us to hire health care professionals who meet our stringent minimum requirements, such as a comprehensive review of all credentials, one-on-one interviews, background checks, and many more.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Searching for nursing job placements
  • Connecting facilities to qualified nursing staffs
  • Travel and license assistance and reimbursement, including visa and work permit application
  • Arranging job interviews for nurses
  • Helping nurses prepare for job interviews
  • Special accommodations and assistance with nurses traveling with family

Benefits We Offer

  • Incentives to start bonus for 13 weeks or greater contracts
  • Completion bonus for 13 weeks or greater contracts
  • A referral bonus for any completed contract
  • Relocation assistance for perm positions
  • Airfare assistance is provided for long-distance contracts

Exclusive Benefits

  • Payroll direct deposit every Friday
  • 401(k) Plan options
  • First-day insurance pptions
  • Tax-free housing stipends

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